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Everest is a beautifully shot movie that showcases the imposing and gigantic mountain, but the movie is not about the mountain. What makes Everest intriguing is the story of the group of people that join up to conquer the mountain. Based on a true story of two expedition groups that lead a dangerous attempt to get to the top of Mount Everest in 1996. The two groups were lead by Rob Hall (Jason Clarke), and Scott Fisch...

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Isle of Wight Festival 2015

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To embrace the full festival experience, you need to sleep in a tent, put up with the grim toilets and hulk a heavy backpack around for what feels like miles on end.

I did two out of those three things at the 2015 Isle Of Wight Festival having stayed at a B&B which, as it turned out, was more of a blessing than I first thought thanks to the torrential rain.

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How Celebs Can Overcome Embarrassing Media Reports

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How Celebs Can Overcome Embarrassing Media Reports


PRB Media are releasing the 1st blog written by Stan Popovich, who is the author of "A Layman's Guide to Managing Fear Using Psychology''. The second  blog will be in the series looked at ''how celebrities can manage their personal life''.

Please see below the first blog we are releasing from Stan, as we discuss '' How Celebs Can Over Come Embarrassing Media Reports''. PRB Media feel this is a very important area...

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Only Fools and Horses Star 'Boycie' makes Personal Appearance at Dreamland!!

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'PRB Media' are proud to bring Only Fools and Horses star Boycie to Dreamland in Margate.


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Booking Celebrity Ambassadorial Roles for Global Brands!

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How Celebrity Ambassadorial Roles Work?


These days the role of celebrity brand ambassadors has increased significantly.


Studies show that consumers use the product if they see that their favourite celebrities are the brand’s ambassadors. They have become brand ambassadors from products and well known international Brands such as Omega, British Air...

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Reality Shows - Good or Bad?

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Looking at the current crop of reality shows, would you say it is about time to shelve the format, haven't people had enough of Britain Got Talent, X Factor, The Voice... or do we still love the underdog and cheer on our favourite contestant, only to find they have been eliminated, or maybe plucked from obscurity.... yeah right, or should we have voted or not; I just can't decide.


I think most people are aware of the manipulation of this TV format which has been running for...

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