BeX Live at BBC Radio Bristol on the Livvy & Chrissie show - July 30th 2016.

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Singer songwriter BeX performed her BBC live debut on the Livvy & Chrissie show at BBC Radio Bristol on Saturday 30th July 2016, with an interesting and fun interview with the BBC presenters, making her BBC debut and performed one of the tracks which will be on the forth coming album first quarter 2017, the track she performed...

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Crossing The Tracks Blog With special guest BeX

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Hi Everyone!


What a fantastic show on Monday! We were delighted to be joined by singer/songwriter BeX for the first hour. She played some songs live in the studio, and was a brilliant and truly inspirational guest. Massive thanks to guitarist Jack, and manager Pete too, for driving up from the Isle of Wight just to see us!


Click th...

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2016 has started very positive.....

We are proud to announce our artist/ singer songwriter BeX has been chosen to be a featured in an inspiring book & soundtrack called 'Sheet Music - The Diary of a Songwriter' by X5 Grammy winning music producer Devine Evans ( Credits include - Lady Gaga, Pharrell Williams, Rihanna).

The offici...

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BeX - Debut single release 15th August 2016...

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'BeX' female singer songwriter from the UK will be releasing her first single 'Time To Stop The Rain' on August 15th 2016, the follow up single will be released around October 2016, with the full album release February 2017.

BeX ...

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Medallion Vodka - Taste of success...

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Welcome to the Medallion Experience

Over the next few weeks PRB are going to introduce to you, this premium high end product from the US. 

Elegance and success are refined qualities that honor time and hard work. Medallion Vodka invites you to indu...

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Everest is a beautifully shot movie that showcases the imposing and gigantic mountain, but the movie is not about the mountain. What makes Everest intriguing is the story of the group of people that join up to conquer the mountain. Based on a true story of two expedition groups that lead a dangerous attempt to get to the top of Mount Everest in 1996. The two groups were lead by Rob Hall (Jason Clarke), and Scott Fisch...

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